How To Stop Wage Garnishment In Shelby Township MI

How To Stop Wage Garnishment

If you are facing wage garnishment and want to stop it, you may have a few options available for you. An attorney can help you fight a debt collection lawsuit, in hopes of preventing wage garnishment. It is important that the attorney is experienced and knowledgeable so that you can get the right guidance throughout this process.

What Is Wage Garnishment?

Wage garnishment is when legal action is taken by the creditor against the debtor in order to get the debt owed paid back. This legal action may force the debtors’ employer, by court order, to withhold part of the debtors’ wage in order to pay back the debt. They can also withhold from individuals who receive earnings from salaries, commissions, bonuses, pensions, or retirement. Wage garnishment typically happens for those who have failed to pay child support, consumer debts, and student loans. Income from social security or veterans benefits are exempt from garnishment. Wage garnishment can be disputed if you believe there is inaccurate information, or that it will cause harm to your monthly financial obligations. 

How To Stop Wage Garnishment?

There are many ways to stop wage garnishment such as responding to the creditors’ demand letters and trying to negotiate a payment plan before it reaches the garnishment process. You can also search for consumer credit counseling services, which can help you negotiate with your creditors and develop a payment plan agreement. You can also object to the garnishment and request a hearing for reasons such as the creditor is taking too much money, the creditor did not follow proper procedures, or the creditor was paid. Finally, you can stop a wage garnishment by filing for bankruptcy. It is important to have legal representation throughout this process because an attorney can take all the legal steps to potentially help you avoid wage garnishment.

Stop Wage Garnishment With Jack Berman In Shelby Township MI

If you need help stopping your wage garnishment, Jack Berman in Shelby Township MI is the attorney for you. Jack Berman has been dedicated to his career for over 40 years and works with his clients to help them find a way to handle all their debt-restructuring needs. He will review your entire financial situation and determine the best course of action to stop your wage garnishment.  To learn more about how to stop wage garnishment, contact us online, or call us at our Wayne County location at 734-367-0600 or at our Macomb County location at 586-779-6000 today!

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